Newton Piano Summit

The mission of the Newton Piano Summit is to showcase world-class professional talent to the public with no barriers to entry. By doing so, we aim to demonstrate the profound impact and inspiration that great artists can provide, emphasizing the importance of supporting the arts and integrating them into our daily lives. Recent surveys reveal that many people attend only one event a year, often citing transportation, parking challenges and high ticket prices as deterrents. The Summit is our direct response to these obstacles.

Performers are A-list musicians that frequent the New England and New York areas, representing a diverse range of ethnicities, genders, ages, and musical styles. They have graced stages and festivals worldwide, earning accolades, Grammy nominations and wins.

The Piano Summit started with Chris Pitts’ idea for the Waban Improvement Society to feature top regional pianists on the Artful Piano at the Waban Library Center. The event’s popularity grew annually, eventually outgrowing the library’s capacity. To sustain this growth, the Summit needed a dedicated organization, leading to the creation of Next-Arts, an arts-focused non-profit.

Next-Arts Team

Chris Pitts

Chris Pitts is a multimedia and video producer with experience in the Commercial,
Broadcast, and Independent sectors. Pitts has spent over 50 years as a professional musician, performing internationally with commercial and jazz artists. He has also held leadership positions in the Newton Cultural Council and other professional and non-profit community organizations. He co-founded a multimedia company focused on
eLearning technology, catering to Fortune 100 companies across various industries such as Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Education, Technology, and Finance.

Jeff Davis

Jeff Davis has spent over 36 years in investment management, serving as Chief Investment Officer for several institutions, including State Street Global Advisors, Rockefeller Capital Group, and LMCG Investment Management. He is a trustee emeritus at Berklee College of Music, where he has been involved with the school’s investment committee, and a trustee of Nurtury, which focuses on early childhood development. Davis also leads the board of resources and investment committee for Second Church in Newton, Massachusetts.

Andrus Madsen

Andrus Madsen

Andrus Madsen is the founder and director of Newton Baroque, a non-profit dedicated to
performing early music. He has achieved recognition for his performances on the organ, harpsichord, clavichord, and fortepiano. Madsen has been involved in teaching at universities and serving as music director for churches for over three decades. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in organ performance from Brigham Young University, a Master’s
degree in Musicology, and a Doctorate in harpsichord performance from the Eastman School of Music.